Well…i can definately say that i’ve had a business blog long enough to know that i will never be able to post on a regular basis (although i am considering doing a personal blog..and for some reason i think i’ll do better? who knows!).  Haven’t quite gotten the kinks worked out…would love some feedback…so check it out!!!


(this site is under construction…once i purchase it, it will have a much simpler web address…been told that people have trouble viewing….so please let me know)


Mixed Metal Bracelet

Spoon necklaces




Geaux Saints!

A fresh batch of fleur de lis pendants headed to the shop today!

…they will soar on wings like eagles…they will run and not grow weary.  Isaiah 40:31

this one is on etsy.  more in it’s likeness coming to  BCM  soon!

Tis the Season….

This is always the time of year i panic.  Christmas is next week and i still have TONS to do….shopping, wrapping, cleaning, LOTS of orders… just to name a few.  Last week andrew was sick and i kept telling myself,  “if i can get him well, it will all be ok”…well he’s well…and now i have the crud.  So, yes…i’m a bit overwhelmed…but i will make it…i always do!  So…if you are wondering what’s new…what i’ve been up to…you are gonna just have to check out the shop (bayou crafters)…i don’t have time to take pics to show…sorry!  hurry…it’s selling fast!