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Fishers of men

Of the bottles that I got from my mamaw Dude…this is..and always has been my favorite.  I decided  it needed a charm…so i decided on Matthew 4:19… “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men”.  I like the way it turned out.  My mamaw Dude was a Godly woman…so I think it is fitting to adorn the bottle with scripture.  I made a “fishers of men” necklace while I was at it…I found this little fish charm the other day….and instantly new it would make my project complete.



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I love the simplicity of bottles clustered together holding a fresh cut flower or two…especially when they are proclaiming “Faith” – “Hope” – “Love”.  These are for Etsy…

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Tiny Dancer

I have several obsessions…which borderline on addiction…one of which is bottles.  It’s an inherited trait i think:o)…it definitely runs in my family.  My Mamaw Dude gave me my first bottles around the age of 5.  She had a screen porch on the back of her house…walls lined with shelves….shelves filled to the brim with all kinds of bottles.  I was awed by that room…I loved looking and examining them all.  On several occasions she let me “pick one” to take home… and at age 30, I still have all of the bottles she gave me.  So….this is the first of many post about…you guessed it….bottles.

My “ballerina bottle” is one of my favorites at the moment.  My mom gave it to me a few years ago.  It has never been opened…but the label is missing, so I don’t know what is in it..(some kind of alcohol I’m sure).  It has a music box in it that plays “Valse des Patineurs”…and the ballerina dances beautifully to the tune.  I love it!


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