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Mixed Metal Bracelet


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Spoon necklaces




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Geaux Saints!

A fresh batch of fleur de lis pendants headed to the shop today!

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…they will soar on wings like eagles…they will run and not grow weary.  Isaiah 40:31

this one is on etsy.  more in it’s likeness coming to  BCM  soon!

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DSC01882  DSC01886

LOVE this ring!  I would imagine if you were the girlfriend of a rockstar (or in my case…the mom of a rockstar :O) that this ring would be a MUST have!  And i must give credit where credit is due…. A really cool chick came into the shop today wearing something similar… mom and i had a fit over it..she said she got hers at Canton…But i could not wait.  I literally could not sleep until i had one on my finger.  So at 4AM…i could wait no longer… got out of bed… and this is it!  Question is now…do i keep? or sell?  May have to sleep on that one! :O)

oh yeah! forgot to mention….it’s made out of a vintage fork!

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Loving Layers…

As long as i can remember, I have loved to layer clothing.  That is one reason i am looking forward to some cooler weather..I am a jacket wearing fool!  I love all the possibilities and versatility that a jackets gives.  BUT…my new favorite thing to layer? …jewelry!!!  Last week i found time to play with layering a few of my favorite things.  Some of it is dainty…some chunky…i am a fan of it all! 

p.s. most items i show in my post can be found at the shop (bayou crafters)

DSC01855 DSC01852

DSC01861 DSC01860




Drew is a little under the weather today(ear infection and cold)….so he is home with me….and let me tell you..he is a wiz with an iphone (remember he is 2  1/2….well…almost 2  3/4).   For months i’ve known that he could look at pictures, play with the games, listen to his fav videos on youtube (choo choo soul), and text (although it’s jibberish).  Last week he started taking pictures and today he showed me that he knew how to check my email.  Ted and I both have iphones..and our apps are arranged differently…so drew did not merely memorize what to do.  I believe he could operate anyones iphone.  Sooo…I’m renting him out to anyone who needs iphone help …but he’s not cheap …he needs pig money :O)

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