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Well…i can definately say that i’ve had a business blog long enough to know that i will never be able to post on a regular basis (although i am considering doing a personal blog..and for some reason i think i’ll do better? who knows!).  Haven’t quite gotten the kinks worked out…would love some feedback…so check it out!!!


(this site is under construction…once i purchase it, it will have a much simpler web address…been told that people have trouble viewing….so please let me know)


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Tis the Season….

This is always the time of year i panic.  Christmas is next week and i still have TONS to do….shopping, wrapping, cleaning, LOTS of orders… just to name a few.  Last week andrew was sick and i kept telling myself,  “if i can get him well, it will all be ok”…well he’s well…and now i have the crud.  So, yes…i’m a bit overwhelmed…but i will make it…i always do!  So…if you are wondering what’s new…what i’ve been up to…you are gonna just have to check out the shop (bayou crafters)…i don’t have time to take pics to show…sorry!  hurry…it’s selling fast!

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 This Louisiana themed “junk” necklace was a special request.  The photo doesn’t really show the details like i had hoped.  I lucked up on a Louisiana license plate key chain tag from the 70’s that really made this project complete.  Other little details include a tiny “geaux tigers” charm, a couple of fleur de lis, and a “Laissez le bon temps rouleau” bottle charm.  Hope she likes it!

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Unique find…

Found this cute little cabinet on my last trip to canton and just loved it..thought it would be super cute atop a chest of drawers, dresser, or shelf unit… But was unable to find it a spot in my home. Soooo… I’m passing on this unique find and the good deal I got on it! It’s at the shop (bayou crafters). Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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I’m loving these caps! Brown is by far the most popular choice…but they also come in black, light blue, white, bright pink, orange, and dark green.

(and no..i didn’t make these :o)

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i know..iknow…it’s been too long since my last post…and you are hearing from me now frankly because i can’t do anything else.  I have a severe sinus infection…and get dizzy when i get up and get moving around…so i’m stuck on the couch…(Thank God for laptops!)…and i’m feeling quite chatty! 

So…i’ve been doing alot of thinking lately about my business name…”not too shabby”…for anyone who hasn’t known me long…i started out repurposing and building shabby chic furniture, fixtures, decor, etc…  I absolutely loved finding old pieces of furniture a new life…but gave it up after having drew….just didn’t have enough time to get out and build and paint…much less rummage the countryside for discarded hopeless furniture.  Anyway…i found a new passion…(or more accurately.. it found me)…..jewelry.  I design and hand fabricate  much of my “junk”….as well as handpick jewelry to compliment my designs. 

Saying all that…i’m not sure that “not too shabby” makes sense for me…or my business anymore…and am considering a name change.  I’m trying to stay away from the obvious, overused options.  Would like something that describes all of my “junk”.   I have even considered not having a business name…just saying (for businesscard purposes)…”jewelry and junk…designed-handcrafted-handselected by kelley calloway”…wordy i know…other ideas: lucky girl,junk,  just junk, jewelry and junk (i know i use “junk” alot…it’s what i affectionately call my work…and my way of keeping it real ;0)

i would absolutely LOVE suggestions….and to sweeten the deal…anyone who comes up an original business name that i decide to use….will get a $50 gift certificate for my junk!!!

comment here…or email your suggestions directly khcalloway@gmail.com

p.s. view drew’s recent pics at www.vanessadielphotography.wordpress.com    (little mr. rockstar)

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